Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kaleidoscope Project On Location: Newport, RI

I think it's time for me to reveal just how much Sarni and I loved Newport.  We LOVED it - we wish we lived there!  Except that we love New York too.  So maybe we wish we had a house in Newport.  And a yacht.  And maybe one of those cute convertibles . . . .

I'm back.  Anyway, we especially enjoyed exploring Bowen's Wharf.  There's something so calming about being near the water, even when the water is barely visible through the parking lot of boats and yachts.

We also loved the Bowen Seafood Festival.  We had New England clam chowder (of course), calamari (shown) and crab cakes (shown).  We also had the world's best lobster roll, which is not shown because we scarfed it down too quickly to take a photo.  Instead, I give you this:

"Is that a teddy bear inexplicably dressed in a lobster suit?"  Why, yes.  Yes it is.

This is a story about a photographer . . .

. . . and his favorite model.  Seagull, you're so fierce.

We also finished the Cliff Walk along the water next to the Newport mansions.  I was relieved to realize that if I ever get lost, the arrow on my face can point me in the right direction.

Don't the clouds look like cartoon clouds?

Oh, little butterfly.  Aren't you cold?

Okay, so I know there's an entire blog out there devoted to the misuse of quotation marks, but I still found this amusing enough to post.  This sign was sitting on an antique table at an antiques market in Newport (I took this photo just before Sarni asked, "Dude, why is this stuff so overpriced?")  I like to pretend that whoever wrote this card was deeply conflicted about whether or not anything should be put on the table.

Newport, RI.  On Canon Rebel SLR and Canon Powershot.


  1. Sep 15-18, 2011:
    Indulge your Newport and yachting fantasies at the same time. Plus, they share your taste for pithy language: "If you harbor a passion for boating..."

    The "Fierce Seagull": if I recall correctly, isn't that the mascot of the University of Warwick?

  2. Everyone loves a good pun!

    Thanks for the link, I went straight to the photo gallery. Ooh, pretty. Boats.

    If it's not a mascot, it should be! There's nothing more intimidating than a fierce seagull.


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